Welcome to Swirl N Serve Frozen Yogurt!

We have two locations to serve you. One is in Milford, on South Street, just off the Oval. The other is easy to find on Amherst St in Nashua. Come in for a healthy dessert, snack or late night treat.

Hours: 11am - 11pm

We offer frozen yogurt in a wide variety of flavors for all seasons and moods, a large selection of toppings including fresh fruit, sauces and whipped cream. Most are dairy free and many are diabetic friendly with no sugar added. Check the flavor card for specifics. We have smoothies, tai tea, boba(bubble) tea, milk tea.


  1. Grab a container.
  2. Choose your flavor or flavor combination. Each machine has three handles, one for the left flavor, one for the right, the middle one will give a mixture of the two.
  3. Select your toppings. We have everything from the standard chocolate chips, marshmallows, and candy, to various cereals.
  4. Determine what fruit, sauces, or whipped cream you want.
  5. Your yogurt is weighed and you pay .49 per pound.