About Us

The first Swirl N' Serve Frozen Yogurt shop opened in October 2012, owned and managed by Henry Nguyen. The self serve frozen yogurt shop shop is located on Amherst Street in Nashua, offering 16 different frozen yogurt flavors and tons of different toppings as well as a large variety of syrups. With time, people from Milford began to visit the shop and started talking to Nguyen about how a self serve frozen yogurt shop should be opened in the small town of Milford. This request was answered in May of 2013, when Nguyen opened a second shop by the Milford Oval. The second shop offers 14 different frozen yogurt flavors as well as hundreds of different toppings and syrups to choose from. Later on, in the spring/summer of 2013, smoothies and boba teas were introduced to the Nashua Swirl N' Serve and then arrived at the Milford Swirl N' Serve the following week. Swirl N' Serve continues to provide a healthy, delicious treat for those in the Nashua/Milford area and to have something for customers of all ages to enjoy!